Dog training – in English

Professional and personalised 1:1 dog training and behavioral therapy. I am a certified positive reinforcement dog trainer and currently studiyng to become a certified behavioral therapist.
I work full time at Dyreværnet shelter in Rødovre with rehabilitating the dogs in our care, and also have several years of experience with training and rehoming rescuedogs from abroad, and teaching various classes for family dogs.

I offer personal training sessions and behavioral therapy in English, in your home or at my training area in Albertslund. This works especially well for dogs that are not comfortable among other dogs in classes, and it provides flexibility in terms of when and how teaching takes place. You get professional coaching in your home environment and my full attention on you and your dog only.

Personal training courses include 3 one-hour training sessions, a short, written summary by email after each session and a substantial written training plan for your dog. Dkr.1650 incl.VAT

Whether you want to teach your dog basic family dog skills (such as walking nicely on leash, responding immediately to recall, greeting guests calmly etc.) or have just gotten a new puppy or adopted a rescue dog, you will get a compassionate guide to teach your pooch everything you need.

The training is reward based, use positive reinforcement and scientifically proved, contemporary training methods – either a clicker or verbal marker – and loads of treats or toys! You will get a thorough introduction to the theory behind the practical training. This is a really efficient, positive and empowering way to train your dog and to prevent or handle unwanted behavior.

Behavioral therapy is relevant if your dog exhibits problematic behavior, such as:

  • Reactivity or fearful responses when encountering dogs or people
  • Separation distress
  • fear or phobias (eg. fear of staircases, car rides, fireworks, thunder)
  • chases cars, bikes, runners or other animals
  • is stressed or constantly seeking your attention with various attempts,eg. excessive barking
  • fearful or aggressive behavior
  • intense guarding of food, spaces or objects

To change problematic behavior, I use a wide range of tools which include various management strategies to prevent the dog from exhibiting the behavior or experiencing the triggers/stressors, extensive work on changing any negative conditioned emotional responses, and also teach the dog new, empowering strategies (incompatible behavior) to the previous, unwanted behavior.
Behavioral therapy includes a consultation of one-two hours, thorough instructions on relevant exercises and management tools, a written complete training plan and a one-hour follow up session. Dkr.1650 incl.VAT.